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Orchid Acupuncture believes in helping people obtain optimum, holistic and sustainable health. We provide a highly personal in depth approach to healing and achieving total wellness. We specialize in treatments ranging from chronic or acute pain management to healthy approaches to weight loss.
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Hea Ran Kim, LAc.
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I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc and stenosis from sports related injuries so regularly I suffer from severe back pain and sciatica. When my symptoms flair up, my choices have been meds and/or physical therapy which usually didn’t treat my symptoms since meds were only masking the pain and the PT oftentimes made things worse. A friend recommended that I drove down to the southbay and see Dr. Kim for acupuncture treatment as she has helped him out for various injuries he’s had in past. One day when I happen to be near her practice, I decided to walk in. She normally takes reservations but informed me that a patient had just cancelled which worked out perfectly. Before we sat down for consultation she was able to diagnose my problem and knew I was there for back treatment. I knew I was good hands after that.

I felt immediate relief after one acupuncture session and after a few more sessions my body is almost pain free. You can’t fix a herniation or stenosis without having surgery and I was really close to going through with it, but only as a last resort. I am so glad I made the decision to see Dr. Kim as I am more active now and my back is much stronger…to the point where I can lift weights, hike and even play basketball. I now go see Dr Kim on a regular basis more as preventative measure. I highly recommend her acupuncture services. 5 stars!!!

jin h.
Los Angeles, CA

I use the computer a lot and sit in front of a monitor for many of long hours. Dr. Kim has been very helpful. I recommend her for a consultation.

Mario A.
Lakewood, CA

I was first referred to Hea Ran (pronounced heh-ron) after receiving some very therapeutic chiropractic and n.e.t. services from Dr. Appell who shares the same office. It was my first time receiving acupuncture and she was so welcoming, warm, and motherly it made me feel really at ease being introduced to a new treatment modality…wish I had discovered it a long time ago. Going to Hea Ran is my first thought these days if my body feels out of balance, my energy feels low, or if I have any random aches since she also offers acupressure massage. It’s become an important part of my self care maintenance, just to give myself an hour to be relaxed, and have the internal things I can’t see/detect well in my body attended to in a holistic and healing way. Easy parking+scheduling, office right next to the freeway now, and she always works with my availability. Thanks so much Hea Ran!

Helen K.
Gardena, CA

I’ve been struggling with sleep insomnia recently and have tried everything such as medication, teas, and exercise to help with the problems I’ve been having. Nothing was working, so I decided to come see Dr. Kim. I’m soooo happy to say that I have finally been able to get normal sleep again. I’ve been coming on a regular basis for the past few months and it’s been helping with my stress, my sleep insomnia, and increased my energy level. Also, Dr. Kim’s awesome advice led me to make a few changes in how I can manage and reduce stress in general. She’s truly been a blessing.

Young W.
Los Angeles, CA

Honestly I wasn’t much of a believer in acupuncture but after several rounds of physical therapy and chiropractic work, I thought I’d give it a shot since one of my friends recommended it. I went to Orchid and have had very good results. Could just be me, but this is the best I’ve felt in a while. I think the person there is Kim and she was very professional from start to end.

Sarah J.
Los Angeles, CA

Due to an atv accident I was experiencing the worst pain in my life. Traditional doctors prescribed me a variety of ever increasingly strong pain meds but nothing worked. I turned to a more natural, holistic approach out of last resort. Thank goodness. After just a few treatments I was finally getting relief and today I’m pain free. I wish I could give more than five stars.

tom j.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Kim is such a life-saver! I had a bad sports injury that had been bothering me for a while, but never treated it. After my first session of acupuncture, I noticed that my lower back was less stiff in the mornings when I got out of bed. In about a months time of weekly sessions, I was feeling better than I did after 3 months of physical therapy. Thank you for healing my back, Dr. Kim!

Paul W.
Lomita, CA

Dr. Kim is AMAZING!! I have been dealing with back pain ever since I had a car accident. Dr. Kim took the time to really listen and understand what I was going through and quickly figured out the appropriate treatments I needed. In just a couple treatments I have experienced a major relief. She is very thorough, efficient, and effective. I will definitely be going back to Dr. Kim if I encounter any kind of back pain. Highly recommend!

Yong L.
Stanton, CA

Highly recommend to anyone with long term pain symptoms. It is definitely worth trying if you have been using pain medications for a long time which can be rather addicting, and really doesn’t do much to address the problem. Orchid Acupuncture takes a very natural and holistic approach to healing. Dr. Kim is amazing! Go see her!!

Benito L.
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been going to Mrs. Kim ever since she opened up her practice. I work at the computer every day and often have extreme pain in my neck & shoulders. Mrs. Kim focuses on those areas and provides a very nurturing and relaxing treatment – this includes tuina, massages and acupuncture work. I leave rejuvenated with more energy and a clearer mind. I always look forward to my treatment with her. I’ve become so close to her over the years and she is like a second mom to me.

Gina L.
South Pasadena, CA